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How do Webstores work


Opening a web store through Holland Print House takes all the headaches of selling clothing out of your hands - from designing and ordering, to collecting money and distributing. Everything runs right through the site that you're on right now, powered by the world-renowned Wix platform. Whether you are a school, business, organization, or event, let the team at Holland Print House take care of the hard work for you, and enjoy a little bit of free time!

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Design your new apparel from scratch... we’ll bring your ideas to life!

  • Get wholesale pricing on apparel... no need to hunt for the best prices

  • Take orders online, allowing people to pay on their own terms and on their own time

  • Pack and ship each individual order... it never needs to touch your hands


We offer pre-order stores which are set up to make your selling experience as hands-free as possible (though you are going to have to help us out just a little bit to get the store moving). Let’s go through how your store works!














You might have heard of a pre-order or pre-sale before - concert tickets, videogames, the new iPhone. We do the same thing (on a smaller scale) here at Holland Print House! Here's how it works...

First, we’ll chat with you to figure out what you’re looking for in apparel, design, and when the store will be open. We’ll help you pick out apparel, design your gear, make some super sweet mockups, and get them up on our website - under a store name that is unique to you! Once we do that, we’ll work out pricing with you. This is where we need a little bit of your help - we need you to guesstimate how many orders you’re going to get over the course of the store so that we can get the best price per garment for you. Once you sign off on the apparel, pricing, and the storefront, we can OPEN!


Once your store opens, it needs to be monitored. While you go about your daily business, we make sure there’s no hidden issues with products, monitor how sales are doing, and make sure our vendors have good stock levels on the garments we picked out. If we notice sales are slacking, we’ll reach out to you so you can drum up some more business. Alternatively, if we notice sales are flying in, we’ll let you know how great your store is doing!


At the end we’ll wrap up the store, take down the products, and update the site description letting folks know the game plan from there. We then order the garments, produce all of the apparel, and pack it individually by order. From there, we’ll do one of two things: ship it out directly to the customers or leave it for pickup in our showroom here in Endicott - the customer picks their preference at checkout. There's also the option to pass the packed orders off to you to pass out by your own means - but most people prefer to let us take care of distribution.

Going back to the topic of pricing, we can suggest sell prices, but we leave it all up to you! Of course, we recommend selling at least for cost - so you can break even on your store. We work all of the costs of setting up a store into the cost of a garment, so you do not pay anything out of pocket. You also have the ability to sell items for a profit through our stores - you can set each product to whatever price you want! At the end of the pre-order, we’ll work out how much profit you made, and either pay you or add it as a credit to a future order through us!


We totally understand - we try to be as upfront and transparent as possible with our web sales - meaning we need to explain everything in great detail, so you know what you’re getting into. Great thing is, you’re not getting into too much at all! Many people think opening a web store with us is going to be a daunting task. IT’S NOT! The whole goal is for you to be mostly hands-off once the store opens up - set it, and forget it (we won’t though).

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, or just want to learn some more, contact us to get started today!

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