How do you screen print? Why does it take up to 10 days and cost what it does?


You get the ball rolling and reach out to us with your exciting new project! We will prepare a quote and artwork (if needed) based on our conversation about quality fabrics, inks, style and artwork. Revisions can happen at this stage too.


You LOVE the design and the price, sign off on the artwork and provide 50% down. We are on the clock, that 10 day turnaround starts now!


We order your blank shirts, needed ink. A blank screen is coated with a light sensitive liquid emulsion and allowed to dry completely overnight. A film positive of each color to be printed is produced on a transparency film. This is exposed on that prepared screen to UV LED lights in a dark room on our custom built exposure table. The screen is then washed out with a pressure washer, leaving the ink area of the screen open, ready for ink. Our shirts and ink show up in the mail and, we are ready to go.

On Press

Your screens are calibrated for perfect registration on the press before we begin. Inks are loaded up, shirts are staged and we push and pull the squeegee by hand across those screens to transfer your amazing design onto your garments.


After all the colors have been printed, the shirts are removed from the press and placed onto a conveyor dryer to properly cure the ink to the exact temperature needed for long lasting prints. We washout the ink from the screens, remove the emulsion and let the screens dry before starting the process all over again.


Your items are packed up and end up in your hands, depending on your preferred method. You are happy. We are happy.

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